Prewetts Organic Chicory 100g


Prewett’s Organic Chicory is made from the root of the Chicory plant, which has been grown to organic standards and without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers. The root of the plant is carefully cut, split, dried and roasted using processes that ensure your instant chicory drink can be certified organic.

Did you know…? Organic Chicory root contains inulin, a soluble fibre that feeds digestive flora in the intestines. Many plants contain inulin, but chicory root has one of the highest concentrations. Nourishing the healthy flora in the intestines enhances digestion.

Why not try Prewett’s Cicoccino? Just one teaspoon of Prewett’s Organic Chicory in a mug half filled with hot water and top up with hot frothy milk for a really creamy texture.

Caffeine free.

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