Aeithalis Organic Olive Oil Refill 100g


**Note** as with all other products on our website which is not open for online purchasing, pricing information and product specifications, may vary – please give us a call or email if you have any product/pricing queries.

You will need to bring a bottle to fill.

Award-winning, zero-waste extra virgin olive oil from Aeithalis.

Our oil is PDO registered in Greece and labelled as an infusion, so is legal to sell on tap.

**note** 100g of olive oil does not = 100ml – 500ml of oil is approx 450g (so 500ml of oil at current prices will work out around £5).

What makes it special?

  • Hand Harvested
    We harvest by hand or with small rakes.
  • Bird Friendly
    We don’t use bird killing heavy machinery.
  • Rewilding space.
    Safe habitat for plants and animals.
  • Only From Our Grove.
    All of our olive oil is made by us.
  • Award Winning Taste.
    Great Taste 2019, International Olive Oil Awards 2020.
  • PDO registered.
    A unique Kalamata product.

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