Fit Pit Deodorant Love 25ml


Smell divine, with the latest scent from multi-award-winning* Fit Pit natural deodorant. Our Fit Pit cream deodorant is now available scented with an intoxicating blend of aphrodisiac essential oils, for silky soft, beautifully scented seductive pits. With a low bicarb formula that is light and gentle, suitable for delicate skin.

– All-day odour protection
– 100% organic natural ingredients
– Aluminium, Paraben and BPA FREE
– Plastic FREE
– Cruelty FREE and vegan

Applied with fingertips and melts on contact with warm skin. No waiting to dry. No white stains. 25ml glass jar is reusable or recyclable and contains a 4 week supply.

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Our aphrodisiac essential oils

Frankincense – Used for thousands of years, Frankincense is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs increasing libido and sexual response.

Jasmine – Jasmine has a rich floral sultry scent that relieves depression and lifts your mood.

Rose Otto – Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Rose is said to enhance libido, reduce stress and boost mood.


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