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Carleys Rainforest Nut Butter 170g


Sweet, creamy and rich with a punchy nutritious hit! A delicious nut butter containing 100% Raw Nuts! A tasty blend of brazil nuts, truly raw cashew nuts and macadamia nuts.

Plenty of selenium here, hard to obtain from readily available foods but brazil nuts are packed with it! Brazil nuts are also good sources of magnesium, vitamin E and healthy unsaturated fats.

Our raw cashews are just that, truly, totally and certified raw!

‘Ordinary’ cashew nuts are heat treated by necessity in the cropping process. Cashew grow from the base of the cashew apples, a fruit that we don’t commonly eat. These fruits contain an acrid oil called urishiol, to remove the urishol most cashews world-wide are subject to fairly intense heat to clean the nuts and remove this natural substance. Therefore these nuts are not truly raw. We have however, after many years of searching, managed to source some truly raw cashews. These are laboriously and meticulously air dried at ambient temperatures to remove the urishiol, the process takes considerably longer and therefore it is not usually financially viable from but we have finally located a small organic growers co-op who do use this method. Our next consignment is mid way between us and Vietnam as we speak!

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