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Amour Natural Black Pepper Oil


Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Black pepper essential oil has a spicy and sharp aroma with a middle note.
The plant
The black pepper plant is a climbing vine-like shrub with dark green leaves, white flowers and red fruit. When left to grow naturally the plant grows to about 20 foot tall, but often it is cultivated to just twelve feet. It is a plant that thrives best in shady conditions and needs support to grow upright.
Black pepper is native to the Eastern world, in particular Singapore, Malaysia and India, where it is now widely cultivated. White pepper is not used for oil extraction as it is the black pepper which yields the more aromatic oil and in greater quantities.
The extraction
Black pepper essential oil is extracted from the plant using the process of distillation, which maintains the integrity of the active ingredients.
Black pepper has a history of use for stimulating the detox systems and strengthening the body. It is a warming and stimulating oil, good for using on muscle aches and pains and also for the digestive system.

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