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Just Natural Health and Beauty Vegan Recipe Book – over 30 tasty recipes

You’ve made the decision to go plant-based and you’ve filled the cupboards and the fridge with all those delicious vegan staple ingredients: now, it’s time to work some magic in the kitchen and dip into the Just Natural Health & Beauty Recipe Book, turning healthy basics into delicious animal-friendly dishes.

From the quotidian and the savoury, to the occasional and the luxuriously sweet and indulgent – you’ll find a little something for everyone inside, all from what Nature provides. You’ll find dairy-free pancakes, buckwheat almond waffles, tahini soba noodles, a jackfruit burger, spicy peanut tofu noodle bowls, chocolate mousse “cheesecakes”, peanut butter banana bread, and so much more…..

With 50% of profits donated to the NHS, we hope you’ll find inspiration for mealtimes for quite some time to come. The future is very much plant-based and environmentally conscious in this post-pandemic world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little gastronomic pleasure too… Bon appetit!

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