TTC Fennel Apple and Dill Kraut


NATURALLY FERMENTED UNPASTEURISED SAUERKRAUT. Robust notes of aniseed and dill with zingy English Bramley Apple. We ferment our fresh cabbage, fennel and apple with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and a sprinkling of herbs and seasonings.

GUT-LOVING ACCOMPANIMENTS FOR SALADS SANDWICHES AND WRAPS. Expertly crafted in the Cotswolds using the highest quality, natural ingredients – no artificial preservatives.

The Cultured Collective are committed to preserving the future of our planet and only use 100% sustainable electricity and package in easily recyclable materials. To find out more head to

Fermented vegetables, Natural, Raw, Purveyors of fine fermented foods, Gluten free, Suitable for vegans

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The Cultured Collective


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